September 22, 2006

Hi All,

The main site Barefoot Mama's is in desperate need of consultants to be the exclusive representative for their company! You can find out more about being the exclusive rep for you company and the goodies you get here.

Companies we need reps for:

A Perfect Party
Alpha Pet Products
Amaria Designs
American Stuff a Bear
Ameriplan USA
The Angel Company
Apple Berry Market
Apple Blossom Candles
At Home America
Au Naturel Glow
Bargain Diva
Basic Mineral Makeup
Bath And Body Delights
Bedroom Secretz
Bella Luna Candles
Beverley's Naturals
Bittersweet Candles
Bling Thing's N More
BODEGA Chocolates
Bright Minds
Cajun Country Candies
Candle Decor & More
Cello In A Box
Charmed By Bettyb
Close To My Heart
Country Bunny Bath and Body
Country Charm Scents
Country Crafts N Designs
Create A Can
Creative Memories
Daisy Blue Naturals
Digital Mom Team
Discovery Toys
Diva Shoppe
Dream Impressions
Enchanted Hollow
Entertain With Ease
For Your Pleasure
Free Travel Coupons
Fruta Vida
Fuller Brush
Gabby Goodies
Gift Can Builder
Gift Cans N More
Glass Bracelet
Gold Canyon Candles
Gourmet To Go
Greeting Cake Company
Handmade Natural Beauty
HeartWarming Essentials
Heavenly Sweets
Heritage Makers
Home and Garden Party
Home Interiors and Gifts
Homemade Gourmet
ID IT! Plates
Jazzy Purses
Jerky Direct
Jockey Person to Person?
Kandies For You
Kat's Coffee's & More
Lady Emily
Leaving Prints
Lemongrass Spa Products
Maddy Moo
Market Day Gourmet
Marlo Quinn
Mary Kay
Miessence (OneGroup)
Mona Vie
Noah's Ark Workshops
Northern Lights At Home
Once Upon A Family
Pampered Chef
Paradise Scents & Gifts
Passion Parties
Patty's Country Colors
Plant Makers
Playful Delights
Princess House
P.S. I Love You
Purple Hippo Parties
Scentsational Delights
Second Nature Bath & Body
Send Out Cards
Sensible Gourmet
Shure Pets
Signature Homestyles
Silpada Designs
Slumber Parties
Splish Splash Bath & Body
Southern Blends
Southern Style Gourmet
Stampin! Up!
Stress Away Bath Shop
Stuff A Friend
Stuff A Pal
Stuff N Snuggle
Surgarland Village
Tastefully Simple
Tahitian Noni
Tina's Goodies
Top Line Creations
The Traveling Vineyard
Two Sisters Gourmet
Undercover Wear
Usborne Books At Home
VeggieTales Moms
Warm Spirit
White Lily Candles
Wildtree Herbs
Wine Shop At Home

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!

September 18, 2006

A Great Site For Writers

I was looking for places that actually paid you for your articles. I found two. One of which you may have already heard of:

Constant-Content: This is a great place to submit your articles, blogs, and more and it pays the most. You get paid each time someone wants to use your content. You can choose to sell your articles for free reprint purposes only or to be unique. The great things is that you set the price. They do have some limits on pricing but it seems most articles go for $10-$60. Best of all it's free to sign up and doesn't cost you a penny to get started or to add your articles!

Associated Content: You may have heard about this one. Writers can submit many different forms of content including, articles, images, and audio. Payments range from $3-$60.

Happy writing!

September 14, 2006

Halloween Will Be Here Before You Know It

Hey there Mama's,
Halloween may be a little over a month away but it will be here before you know it! Have you started talking costumes with the little ones or began planning for the frightful night?

Over at the Barefoot Mama's website we have gathered a huge list of things to help make this Halloween a spooky and fun one! From the history of Halloween to the best place to get your costomes, decorations, and other goodies! Click here to check it out!

September 13, 2006

I was searching around for content for the Barefoot Mama's website, I wanted to find and add some articles on networking. On my search I found this great little article that has some good pointers. One being, not to forget about the amateurs while you're networking. Not only may they be able to help you but they can also be there for you to talk to when you become frustrated and annoyed becuase they're most likely going through or have already dealt with the things you are annoyed most with.

So here is the article, be sure to check out the Networking page on Barefoot Mama' to see a list of great places and message boards to network on.

Networking Tips for Moms

Plenty of moms today stay at home. After a year of battling the decision to quit my job, I finally "put my foot down", as they say, and returned home to raise my daughter.It wasn't the easiest decision, but, let me tell you, it sure wasn't the toughest! I enjoy every minute of being home to raise my child. Furthermore, being home has done wonders for my family as a unit, and drawn us closer together. When I was working my full time job I barely had time to prepare a decent meal. But today?I'm a health nut, and so is the whole family (ha)!But now, there's another dilemma.

Being a stay at home mom has not affected my personality, of course, so I still have a lot of creative energy pent up inside! I thought to myself one day, "what better way to use this energy than to work towards a goal?perhaps start a business?" Not only would it bring in a nice supplementary income for my family, but having a business (or craft or hobby) would enhance my creative skills and strengthen my business expertise. I call it the project of my lifetime.

The first thing I did was a little soul searching to seek God's direction for the type of business or project He would have me to embark on. I realized right away that although my personality was suited for several types of business ventures (selling crafts, designing websites, or providing secretarial services), I would soon either have to narrow it down to one choice, or start a business that combined all or most of my skills and interests. For me, choosing the right business was the hardest part.Once I settled on freelance web design and writing, it soon became my ultimate goal to find out as much as possible about these particular industries.In my thought, education and information is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. My goal was to be a professional in my field. This is where networking is highly important.

If you're like me, the internet is probably one of the very best tools you can use for research. Not only is it a few feet away from me as I embark on my daily chores, but I keep my computer on at all times. Thankfully, we are using a broadband connection and can stay online 24/7 without having to worry about tying up the phone line. This, I should stress, is very important for moms who have businesses that require them to be online quite often, but who will need access to the phone as well.Once online, I begin my networking research by going to a search engine. My favorite one is Google ( just because of its enormous searching capabilities. As a former library assistant, I can attest that Google is highly recommended in the academic and librarianship fields. I search for information in my fields using as many search terms and combination of terms as possible. With each result that I feel is important to me, I visit its webpage and bookmark it for future reference. Once I've bookmarked a bunch of pages, I go through each of these websites and study them, taking notes on what I feel is important to me in my field.I promise, you will find contacts this way, and it will be so much easier to network once you have a list of people whose companies and organizations you have researched online.In addition to an internet search, I feel that it is also important to find any books or other publications that are related to your industry. Study them and find out more about the authors. Find out if they have websites and how to reach them.Now that you have a compiled list of contact people, it's time to work the list! Before contacting these people individually (they are probably very busy), see if they offer newsletters, or other mailbits. You are looking for information on how they got where they are today. Remember, you are the amateur. They are the professionals. So, any information you receive from this contact list regarding their biographies and information on the field itself is important enough for your notes. Take plenty of notes, and keep them in a file folder. Every time you find a new piece of information on your subject matter, drop it in your file folder. And finally, if you absolutely need to contact your list of professionals for more information, I would recommend sending an email.

But don't forget about networking with fellow amateurs! You can make some of your best friends and closest contacts online by joining mail lists such as Yahoo groups or MSN groups. These groups along with technologies such as Instant Messenger make it easier for you to find people with similar personal and professional interests and literally network with them on a regular basis. You will find out so much about your industry and probably learn more from each other regarding your profession than in any other way.

Last but not least, be sure to network with the most important contact of all: your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Remember that it is He who gave you the passion and the calling, and it is He who will be with you each step of the way on your new journey.Happy networking!

Article by:
Demetria Zinga is a Navy wife and mother of a fun preschooler. The founder of
Christian Ladies Connect and Christian Ladies Talk Radio, a ministerial ezine and online radio podcast for Christian women, she has a passion to help other women in thei

September 11, 2006

Welcome to the Barefoot Mama's Blog!

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to welcome you all to the blog. I want to thank the gals over at She and I Designs for creating our awesome blue template! You can check out their link and all the neat stuff they do over there here:

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